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PIVKey C990 Enterprise Dual PKI Smart Card with DESFire EV1

PIVKey C990 Enterprise Dual PKI Smart Card with DESFire EV1

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The PIVKey C990 is a fast, PKI capable smart card with MIFARE DESFire EV1. The card is based on the NXP JCOP P60 SecID chip.

PIVKey Cards are compatible with both the US Government PIV standard (FIPS SP 800-73) and the Microsoft Windows Smart Card Subsystem (Minidriver).

Dual Interface
The PIVKey C990 is a dual interface (contact/contactless) card. The contact interface support the ISO 7816 standard for both reading and writing to the card. The contactless card support the 14443 standard for reading and writing, and works with any compliant NFC reader, including USB readers as well as readers built into mobile phone.


PIVKey cards and tokens are ideal for enterprise applications such as Windows PC Logon, RDP Logon, Microsoft CBA, Web Site authentication, Digital Signatures, Email and File encryption, HTTPS and SSH authentication.

PIVKey Cards are specifically designed to be deployed using the built-in Smart Card management features of Microsoft Windows. Microsoft Certification Authority and Active Directory can use to personalize PIVKey cards using the PIVKey Windows Minidriver. Free Admin tools from the website enable simple card management tasks such as setting the PIN and Administration Keys, and unblocking cards.

PIVKey is also compatible with 3rd Party Card Management systems that support the Microsoft Minidriver, such as vSEC/CMS from Versasec.

Card Body
The C990 card is a ISO 7810/7816 compatible card with a PVC overlay on top and bottom, and is provided blank, without pre-printing, making it suitable for printing with standard plastic card printers.

PIVKey can be used on any standard Windows PC using the In-box PIV Driver, or with Mac or Linux using any PIV compatible middleware. Note: PIVKey does not support loading of certificates on Linux or Mac.

PIV Certificates
PIVKey supports all 4 PIV defined certificates, including: 
PIV Authentication (9A Key), 
Digital Signature (9C Key), 
Key Management (9D Key)
Card Authentication (9E Key) 
In addition PIVKey supports up to 16 additional certificates on Windows using the PIVKey Minidriver.
PIVKey is provided with a single device certificate for testing, and for simple applications.
All certificates are available on both the contact and contactless interface, and all are protected with the user PIN (including the 9E Key)

PIV Physical Access
The PIVKey C990 card will support PIV-I Compatible Physical Access systems with the PIV Authentication (9A Key - Certificate + PIN to card). PIVKey is not suited for systems using the Card Authentication Certificate (9E Key).

Platform Support 
Windows In-Box PIV Driver (Read Only) and PIVkey Windows Minidriver (Read/Write): Windows Vista, 8, 10, 11, Server 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019 and 2022. Mac OSX in box support. Linux support through OpenSC and commercial PIV middleware.

RSA Cryptography Key Size 1024/2048

JavaCard 3.0
Chip and OS are FIPS 140-2 Validated.
Chip and Card are manufactured outside of China

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