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Taglio C1130-TST Contactless Card with PK-PACS

Taglio C1130-TST Contactless Card with PK-PACS

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The C1130-TST is a Contactless PIV-C Card with a PK-PACS compliant card certificate well suited for testing PK-PACS physical access projects.

The Taglio PIV Card implements the PIV (Personal Identification Verification) Smart Card standard designed for US Government FIPS 201 (PIV). The C1130 provides contactless access to all PIV certificates and Objects.

The C1130 is provided blank, without any printing, and with a PVC outer layer well suited to most direct to card and re-transfer printers.

The PK-PACS card certificate is complaint with the latest version of the PK-PACS specification.

PK-PACS Enabled

The C1130-TST is loaded with a PK-PACS test certificate. For more information on PK-PACS see the following site:

Created in the USA

The Taglio PIV card firmware and tools are developed in Austin, Texas by a dedicated team with unrivaled experience in Smart Card development.

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